Bipin Upadhyay
Bipin Upadhyay

ProjectBee.org is maintained and run by me, Bipin Upadhyay.

I live in India, moving from one city to another every couple of years like migratory birds Amsterdam. I do a whole lot of things and wish was good at some.


  • Among a lot of things I do and don’t get paid for is performing and narrating (fictional) stories.
  • I work on TradeYourTrip and my work at the startup involves leading the team, making architecture decisions, writing code, system administration, and making fun of colleagues.
  • I co-run co-founded & ran a starup in the past.  We worked on products such as FormsDotStar, EntranceForms, and FoxyPay. Although I’m not involved with the startup’s day-to-day activities anymore, I’m happy that it’s in capable hands.



I love conducting workshops and delivering presentations, especially at educational institutions. Let me know if you are interested.

Lastly, I know it’s a much used movie line and hence sounds corny, but I really DO wish I could fly (or may be even glide naturally).

Obligatory Disclaimer: Unless and otherwise stated, everything on this blog is based on my personal views and beliefs -which may often be time bound. I’d hate to share the ‘credit’ with my employer or any other entity.