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    Apparently the last time I wrote something here was on Jan’26th Mar’ 23rd, 2009 -almost 3 years ago. Obviously a lot’s happened and much has changed in life -or may be nothing’s changed. I recall lines from a Gulzar saab’s poem:

    Pal bhar mein sab kuchh badal gaya,
    Aur kuchh bhi nahi badla.
    Jo badla tha, woh toh guzar gaya


    by Jen Son https://secure.flickr.com/photos/jenson-lee/4401334015/

    In any case, here’s a few of my experiments I can remember:

    • Left Satyam to join Directi and moved to Bombay¬† from Bangalore
    • Satyam went nearly broke and bankrupt, thanks to Mr. Raju, and the overly emotional and messed up capitalist system
    • Worked on the despicable, and yet vital, online advertisement and traffic monetization business
    • Learned about the awesome algorithms that go behind powering a beautiful, but annoying, parked page
    • Learned the art of writing Firefox addons and wrote a couple interesting ones (none open source, sorry)
    • Joined null security group’s core team and played the role of Mumbai chapter’s moderator
    • Did something I wanted to do for a long time -an experiment of living alone (for an year). Had the painful realization that human touch is an underrated indulgence.
    • Met a lot of crazy (and) talented people, and made some friends
    • Won an Olympus E450 in a photography contest (Yay!). Sold both cameras and bought a Nikon D90
    • Became the proud owner of a 3rd generation Amazon Kindle B-)
    • Became an entrepreneur… eh, no, not entrepreneur. Rather a startup-businessman. Yeah, better!
    • Moved (back) to Bhubaneswar to work full time on the product
    • Volunteered for SPICMCAY’s 26th National Convention and worked on the first ever LIVE streaming of performances
    • Launched two products, including EntranceForms.com
    • Working on a third product -sort of derivative and related, but the one that’s got me pretty excited

    Like any startup guy would tell you, every dawn starts with a bunch of promises and hopes, and you’d be super lucky if even one of them materializes by sundown. For now, all¬† can say is life’s frustrating, irritating, brutal, lonely, rewarding, and fun -in short, fulfilling.

    Oh by the way, I’m going to conduct another interesting experiment with a fellow nerd -A Road Trip :-)

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        by the way awesome photograph…

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