Life, so far…

Apparently the last time I wrote something here was on Jan’26th Mar’ 23rd, 2009 -almost 3 years ago. Obviously a lot’s happened and much has changed in life -or may be nothing’s changed. I recall lines from a Gulzar saab’s poem:

Pal bhar mein sab kuchh badal gaya,
Aur kuchh bhi nahi badla.
Jo badla tha, woh toh guzar gaya

by Jen Son

In any case, here’s a few of my experiments I can remember:

  • Left Satyam to join Directi and moved to Bombay  from Bangalore
  • Satyam went nearly broke and bankrupt, thanks to Mr. Raju, and the overly emotional and messed up capitalist system
  • Worked on the despicable, and yet vital, online advertisement and traffic monetization business
  • Learned about the awesome algorithms that go behind powering a beautiful, but annoying, parked page
  • Learned the art of writing Firefox addons and wrote a couple interesting ones (none open source, sorry)
  • Joined null security group’s core team and played the role of Mumbai chapter’s moderator
  • Did something I wanted to do for a long time -an experiment of living alone (for an year). Had the painful realization that human touch is an underrated indulgence.
  • Met a lot of crazy (and) talented people, and made some friends
  • Won an Olympus E450 in a photography contest (Yay!). Sold both cameras and bought a Nikon D90
  • Became the proud owner of a 3rd generation Amazon Kindle B-)
  • Became an entrepreneur… eh, no, not entrepreneur. Rather a startup-businessman. Yeah, better!
  • Moved (back) to Bhubaneswar to work full time on the product
  • Volunteered for SPICMCAY’s 26th National Convention and worked on the first ever LIVE streaming of performances
  • Launched two products, including
  • Working on a third product -sort of derivative and related, but the one that’s got me pretty excited

Like any startup guy would tell you, every dawn starts with a bunch of promises and hopes, and you’d be super lucky if even one of them materializes by sundown. For now, all  can say is life’s frustrating, irritating, brutal, lonely, rewarding, and fun -in short, fulfilling.

Oh by the way, I’m going to conduct another interesting experiment with a fellow nerdA Road Trip 🙂