God’s give Interviews !!!

So, here I am with my first tech. blog that I wrote in the midst of my (frustu) sems, but couldn’t post due to some “technical reasons” 😛 .

I had come across the interviews of two gods in the field of computer security:

  1. Paul (Tony) Watson (I prefer to call him jus Tony Watson 😀 ). Currently working with Google. I really wonder when the hell does this guy work. I mean each and every time I visit his site or blog, I see some new pics being posted. 😉 He shot to fame when he discovered a TCP/IP flaw, but made a place in my heart by his sweet comment on fyodor, where he refers him as Fyodor, the great. 🙂 He was interviewed by whitedust.net. If you know some other interview of God Tony ^:)^ , please lemme know.


God in full form


In a Mysterious Mood

  1. Fyodor or Fyodor, the great, the guy behind world’s most powerful vulnerability scanner, nmap. Anything said about him would be less, but the best thing I like about him is his down to earth nature. Read his interviews. For newbies, nmap feauterd in Matrix Reloaded and it’s source code in Battle Royale, a Japanese movie (if anyone wants to watch, may contact me 🙂 )….. and he himself feautured in the third edition (Clustermind) of comics published by hero-z.org, a legitimate child of zone-h. He gave his interviews at slashdot, zone-h, and whitedust.


God Looks at You


The Smiling Devil.. (Oops) Genius 😀

So this is it people. The show time has come to an end. If you are still wondering about the content of this article…. You need to understand that there are a lot of hyperlinks in it, that need to be visited to unleash the treasure :).

Have a nice time,