How about a Better & Cheaper MacBook Air!

Those were the days when I used to be a Apple fan.
aah.. the harsh reality that they produce nothing more than crippled products at sky-high prices.

Moreover, Apple isn’t just about cut-throat business. It’s also about making people feel bad about themselves.
Don’t trust me?
See here yourself.

Grabbing Video from Youtube.

Update: This hack doesn’t work any more. I’ll post the latest pretty soon. Hopefully. 🙂

I loved this performance by Tina & Hussain. It left me breathless, and wet-ted my eyes :D.

I wanted it s badly. Did a l’ill research, found a hack, and here I am, sharing [& open sourcing it 😉 ].
You can find various sites and ‘n’ number of tools to grab your favorite video from Youtube.
There are definitely simpler ways, including a javascript. However, I liked this manual way of doing the job. It let’s me see where’s what… 🙂

1. Goto the page containing the video.
2. View page source. [Ctrl+U in firefox] 3. Search [Ctrl+F] for “player2.swf?“. It’d be something like “/player2.swf?video_id=jksdjs….“.
4. Copy the part after “?“, i.e., “video_id=jksdjs….“.
5. Append it after ““. It’d look something like “….“.
6. Paste your string in the address bar of your browser and hit enter.
7. Please note that the video that we download is an flv file [and needs “.flv” to be manually added.] 8. If you don’t have an flv player, get it from HERE.

I hope it helps you get what you want I am not sure as to how long it’d work as the YouTube guys do not like people to download the videos and keep changing the settings. [ I am still wondering why!!!] If the above mentioned steps do not help, please leave comments.

Psst.: I am planning to write a script to do it automatically. However, I am not sure if I want to do it in Perl or Java. [Perhaps, I’ll code in perl and ask my students to do it in Java 🙂 ]