Bittu’s back :)

Bittu, my wife, got revamped. For unemotional people, it simply means I bought a new laptop 🙂

She is red, and she’s hot!


She’s a Dell XPS M1330. Other features include:

1. Intel Core-2 Duo, 2.1 GHz (My first intel. I used to be with AMD)
2. 200GB HD , 7200rpm
3. 128 MB Nvidia graphics card (the games run awesomely, and I have re-entered the gaming arena. Currently re-re-replaying Serious Sam, Second Encounter)
4. Pre-Loaded Vista 🙁  (I am still a little confused, whether I go ahead with OpenSuse 10.3 or wait 6 more days for OpenSuse 11 to arrive. 😉 )
5. and other regular features like DVD writer, fingerprint scanner, built-in webcam, etc. etc. etc.

I should have updated about her by now, but have been very very busy with an official work involving OpenSocial till yesterday. Hoping to publish other draftified articles soon.