• SecurityCamp is here, where are you?

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    Update: OWASP Bangalore Chapter is meeting on 29th June, i.e. Sunday, morning at 9:00 AM at Indian Coffee House. M.G. Road, Bangalore. Join us, if you can.

    I feel extremely glad to announce that Security Camp, the first security Barcamp in Bangalore (as far as as I know) is on12th of July. It’s being hosted by RSA.

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    Being a FOSS and NGO enthusiast, I am big fan of communities and highly respect the power they can unleash towards the motive. I have always felt that the Security community in India could be a little more organized and visible. Unfortunately, all I have seen till now is a couple of mailing lists (which are really good btw), some hacker gamers (who game all night long 🙂 ), and a couple of small conferences (like Club Hack, OWASP’s Mumbai meet). Although these deserve respect in their own right, but there’s always scope for a lot more, especially the visibility factor. Now, this BarCamp isn’t going change everything overnight (in fact the number of registrations are pretty low), but I am happy to see yet another one popping up. Luckily, Harinath, the chapter lead of OWASP-Bangalore, has called for revival of the chapter. I am hoping that we meet at Security Camp and come up with a survival plan 🙂

    But again, firstly I wish I can make it to the Security Camp. We, at office, are expecting some OpenSocial related work in the first week of July, which probably means no Saturdays and no Sundays 😐 I was also hoping to visit the meet with my Geeky-partner Johnny ;), but he’d be out of town. No complaints though, he’d be talking at GUADEC 🙂 (uh, who came up with that acronym?)

    I am sincerely hoping to be able to make it (and may be take my team there too). If I do, I’ll probably talk about a small research I did towards Designing a Phishing/Fraud IDS. Apart from the fact that I tried talking about it during DevCamp (where my lappy didn’t work with the projector and I’d to hold it in my hand 🙁 ), I’ve been sleeping on it. Mostly because there’s lot to be done to reduce the false-positives, which is anyways the case with all IDSes.

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    1. June 26, 2008 at 6:47 PM

      Talking about phishing, here is a one click phishing page toolkit that I wrote…. u may be interested in it 🙂

    2. June 26, 2008 at 10:40 PM

      I had this on my mind since you posted on the IndiaInfoSec mailing list; but it just remained there. Thanks for sharing it. Looks good, and makes me smile by the sheer trickiness. 😉

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