Google Bomb! [Update: Diffused]

I mean Hi 🙂

I am not talking about something new. The term was coined by Adam Mathes on April 6, 2001 in
talking about the topic, should I explain what Google Bomb is, or should i explain the consequences?

Okay. Goto Google, type “misrable failure”, and click on “I am feeling Lucky”.
What we get is the President of America’s page :D.

The reason being the way Google’s algo works.
While rating the web pages, Google employes several… ummmm ways/methods (I could not get the right word :P).
Anyways. One of these ways is to rate the pages based on the number of links it has, and also the keyword that has been used to link it.
One of the reasons my blog appears [last time I checked it was 11th] for the name “bipin”, though there no “Bipin” on the blog. Some of my friends have links to my blog using my real name.

… and the most scary thing, it doesn’t take a lot of links.

Wish to DEFAME someone?
You’ve the way now 😉

Google has started diffusing it’s bomb.
In a recent update Google inormed @ the official Google Webmaster’s blog informed that they have diifusing the bomb. [What the heck man? Were they waiting for my write-up 😉 ]