Top Rating in Google :D

I was in one of my “Saddy-Saddy-For-No-Reason” moods.
And didn’t want to bother anyone so started playing with Google’s Webmaster Tools.

I used them for the first time so I had to go through the usual “add site”, “verify”… blah blah.
But after that I was surprised to see that my tech blog rates @ 1 for the search keyword COLUKABKI.
I verified it and was really amazed… status [:surprised:] & [:dead:]It even features above :-O

Another surprise, which I am still not able to figure out is that my personal blog features @ 10 for my real name……… however, I do not have my name ANYWHERE on the blog. [May be it’s somewhere in the comments. Whatever….]

I know it’s not a BIG achievement…. but it’s just the beginning… 😛

Update: Looks like the “my-personal-blog-getting-on-top-10” has been a victim of “Google Bomb Diffusion”. I never intended to raise my blogs rating by any such activity. It’s probably because my friends linked my blog using my real name….
…and now when the so called Google Bomb is diffused, my site, one of genuine sites to get weightage is suffering.
It’s time Google stops worrying about it’s public image and starts working on things that makes me address it as “Google GOD